The Tylan Deputy brand takes pride in producing rare 1-of-1 handcrafted artwork, and never producing prints of any sort. "Crafted Never Printed" is his mantra and he stands by it with immense integrity.
Tylan Deputy Jr. is a Brooklyn based artist with a unique and distinctive aesthetic. Since 2019 he has been sharpening his craft as a self-taught artist. His art has been exhibited in renowned  art districts such as SoHo, Wynwood and Atlanta Contemporary. Tylan's style of art is a mesh between abstract and structure with a wide range of textures and materials. His goal is to provide a visual interpretation through conceptual esoteric elements that correlate to the subject in some way. Though some artist may have an Easter egg approach, Tylan prefers a literal approach, allowing the art the option to be explained through words or sheer observation. Nonetheless, you will for sure know a Tylan Deputy piece when you see it.